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Best places for info on Vehicles

Hello I am making a zombie game and I want to make a car vehicle sorta like the boat or airship ones.

My game is a zombie game that mimics the movie “shaun of the dead”

So I am stuck at how do I make a car my character would be able to use

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EDIT 11-16-2014 adding info I found for vehicle scripts: and my 1st Demo !!

* credit for demo is will’s script also may have a hime fix game bug script 0 a generic bug in prg maker – the song when u enter vehicle is “In my Mind” by Tao Jonz of Santa Barbara CA USA they look like they would make it big in 1992 but after they finished college at UC Santa Barbara they all kinda went dif ways. They are all very successful in business now with families. They had one or two albums that made it to cassette tape i think also records. I am friends with a lot of So Cal and English bands from the 80s and 90s. You can use their music freely for non commercial. Commercial contact them or, if you would like I can contact them for you. We can probably work a free deal, to promote their old album and only use 1 or 2 songs. BUt it is fun in the Sun music. They were a big influence on the band “Sublime” from Long Beach another band I still get free back stage passes from, fun to have old friends.


Land vehicle script

this one is plug and play, then small boat click the picture  to change the boat and make it a car a horse or any land vehicle that will use same pass no pass on tiles as player walking has.
click tab “system” of the database F9 in game creation menu to get to the page in database that shows the boat blimp and ship pics
Wills script here  http://pastebin.com/aSFvZiY1

DEMO For Will’s Script (i made this demo) click here

Victor custom vehicles script (working link – wink wink)

i’m currently reviewing it – this is an advanced script

Galvs on/off vehicle locations script
Specify regions or terrain tags that you can disembark/embark for boats, ships and airships. The player can only board or leave those vehicles from the specified regions/tags. Possible use could include boats landing anywhere, ships only landing at ports, airships having designated airports.


Get it here >

Galvs and WIlls have a conflict but Galv made a fix here is that link

Bug fix this fixes a games bug that messes up what BGM should be playing

Click link it explains in detail the bug it fixes


Cool video – Script that makes it so u can enter blimp and fly it also in normal view


Change Vehicle BGM based on Time

Description > Author: DiamondandPlatinum3 > Date: September 1, 2012

“So I was playing ‘Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker’ earlier and heard the day and night time boat themes which gave me an idea. This script will allow you to stop the vehicle BGM from playing based on an event switch, but will also allow you to change the BGM that is played depending on the time of day.”


How do vehicles work discussion about A tiles and which ones each vehicle can pass on

VIDEO unpro 16 minutes talk on how to stuff for vehicles

Hime Works info on vehicles and tutorials on related topics


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I also want to be able to run over zombies with it (like in the movie) ( check out my demo it totaly lags when vehicle hits the zombie???? how to fix this ???? make it run over zombie with no sotp start in movement…………..

oh also I need find out how to make the speed faster than normal walking speed

is there a script out there for car vehicles I did search on forums but didn’t find anything.

oh forgot mention scripts I am using
I am using mostly yanfly scripts
and I am very new to scripts