Soulpour777 – RMVXA Event Handling Tutorials (Official Thread)

(Note: Requests from people on this thread will surely be heard, and a scheduled time of granting your request and making a video tutorial of the event system you need will be uploaded, thank you.)

X: This thread is made by SoulPour777 himself (me xD), intended to give tutorials of how to make events, handle the events and make some known systems you see in NES, SEGA GENESIS, PS 1 – PS2 and PC Games.

Note 2: This thread is updated everytime there is a new upload. Before questioning the resolution of the videos, make sure you’re watching the vids in HD. Videos are updated every Saturdays and Sundays, with not less than 6 tutorials per day.

FAQ: Will this guarantee that I learn how to handle the events quite well in VXA? I am a beginner so I need to start at the beginning.

A: Don’t worry, the videos are intended for first time or beginners of the software, official beginner class starts from Episode 3 onwards.

Ins: Click the Episode title to be redirected to the video link on youtube.


Episode 1 – Introduction to the Interface of RPG Maker VX Ace
Summary: Let us discuss what are the new things in RPG Maker VX Ace from its ancestors RM2003, RMXP, and RMVX. We’d also be exploring the new features of RPG Maker VX Ace in this episode.

Episode 2 – Multiple Dialoges
Summary: How do we create multiple dialogues for our NPC? Check it out on this episode.

Episode 3 – Random Dialogues
Summary: Now that we know we can do multiple dialogues for our NPC, how can we randomize them? We can clearly have variables and random functions set up!

Episode 4 – Granting a request: Puzzle Event
Summary: Falados, a dear member of this forum has messaged me about his puzzle event problem. In this tutorial, we will make a puzzle event wherein it detects the actual sequence that we give the event, as to how to complete the puzzle.

Episode 5 – Message
Summary: In this episode, the first formal start of learning RMVXAce, we have to learn how to display conversations / displaying text on the screen, the positions, the types of dialogues and input processes.

Episode 6 – Game Progression
Summary: In this episode, let us tackle what is Game Progression and the events involved to complete this entry.

Episode 7 – Control Switches
Summary: Learn how to make switches, control them and manipulate them in game.

Episode 8 – Loops and Labels
Summary: What are loops? How does it affect a game? What are labels? How do we use them?

Episode 9 – Common Events
Summary: We always see the Common Events tab on our database. But what is the use of this function anyway? Let us learn it here in this episode.

Episode 10 – Mining System
Summary: Supposing you are making a game and you want to include a mining system and you do not know where to start, this tutorial will teach you the first to the last step on making one, with just pure events and without the help of a special script.

Episode 11 – Change of Parameters
Summary: Do you want to change something about your character in game? Do you want to manipulate a stat of your character and adjust them via game progress?

Episode 12 (3 Parts) – Quest Giving System
Summary: In all RPG games, you have that system where an NPC gives you a task and gives you a reward in return. Do you want to make this yet you do not know where to start? In this episode, we are going to make one that would surely help you make a better game when this system is placed. We won’t use any extra script or something, just events.

Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2
Watch Part 3

Thank you all for your supports, for the members and the administrators of this forum.


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