DEMO: Thex Fishing System

DEMO: Thex Fishing System

What is this?

This is an intermediate to advanced level system to use.  It animates pictures and waits for key press. Fortunately it doesn’t do anything with indexing, which makes it a little easier to handle. It also fiddles with script calls to make it more lightweight.

Right now this is only the uncommented demo.  I’ll have a version up soon full of comments to explain what each part of it does.

First you find a place to fish (In this case the docks) and just wait for a fish to come passing by.  When it’s up on your hook just hit enter and pull the fish out of the water.

It’s very basic in it’s difficulty and options. Expanding on them is up to you as an eventer.

Once I start using the system myself I’m sure I’ll return with a lot more functionality to it.



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