DEMO: Thex Card Roulette (More like Slots…)

What is this?

“Welcome to Card Roulette tutorial,
by Titanhex
This is a beginner to intermediate system.

Remember to credit me for the card graphics.”

Inside this demo is a set of events. You only need 4 of them, the lever and the 3 cards. It’s not a terriblely difficult system, so long as you understand 4 things. Loops, Variables, Conditional Branches and Switches.

Inside each event is a set of comments that explain the event, what it’s doing, and how it works.

This is pretty much a slot machine with cards as the graphic. If you truly understand how it works you can expand on it to make it even more involved.

Pull the lever to make the cards appear. They change, and you have to hit enter to stop them. Line up 3 of the same for a jackpot. If you get only 2 in a row you get a smaller prize.

You’ll be responsible for adding the price yourself, but if you know how to set up an Inn you should be alright.

You could even do a lock system which shows broken and unbroken keys. You need all 3 unbroken keys in a row to unlock the chest.

With a little bit of tweaking you could also turn this into 3 card blackjack.

Give it a whirl. I actually had fun playing it after making it.



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