Alchemy Level System V1.1

Version 1.1–

-Complete overhaul of the Alchemy System! 10x easier, and fixed known bugs!

Comment, donwload, and rate!!!

-Added in the video tutorial! It’s available to watch below!


– Plants that re-spawn after you pick them!

– Plants have a “white ring” around them to notify the player that it is harvestable.

– Includes functions for a wide variety of different plants.

– Allows the player to craft different potions using these ingredients.

– Breaks down potion making into different “tiers” that can be adjusted how you please.

– Collect Recipes to learn how to make new, and incredible potions!


Hi there, and thanks for checking out my tutorial! First of, if you are new to RPG Maker, then I highly suggest you play around with the program and learn on your own before reading any further. This system is entirely evented, and could prove confusing for people new to the program.

Below are a couple of key points you need to know before using this system, and by viewing these, you can determine if this is the system for you.

Alchemy is broken down into “Tiers’ with each tier allowing you to craft 4 difirent potions. You can add more, but do so at your own risk! You can have as many tiers as you like, however.

In order to craft any Potion within one of these Tiers, the player needs to have a recipie (a regular item). Without this, they wont be able to craft any potions.

As far as where the ingredients come from, you can go about it any way you like. For this system, I have plants that you can gather ingredients from. After a little while, the plants respawn. To do this, we need a Variable tied to each and every harvestable plant you create. So, if you have a total of 347 plants that the player can harvest, your going to have 347 Variables – one for each plant.

If that didn’t scare you away, then welcome to Bob Saget’s Alchemy System!






Victor Engine – Basic Module by Victor Sant

Victor Engine – Fixed Parallax by Victor Sant


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