A Blue Flame, A Lantern, and A Brazier (an eventing walkthrough)

The blue flame doesn’t pass through walls or roof tiles. It doesn’t have to be a specific event and neither does the brazier.

I used the same terrain settings as the Khas’ Awesome Light Effects script, but if you aren’t using that script then the terrain numbers can be anything you desire.

Note: This requires you to set up your terrain settings properly in the Database’s Tileset tab for each setting that you want the Blue Flame event to not travel through stuff.

This uses some complex eventing so I wouldn’t recommend this to people who aren’t familiar with the eventing system of Ace yet. This uses the script function of the Conditional Branch event command and Get Location Info command as well.

In this system I use Yanfly’s Button Common Events (YBCE) and Khas’ Awesome Light Effects (KALE) scripts, but neither one needs to be used and can be substituted with similar scripts.

I made it in this particular way so that I can copy and paste these events on any map without having to worry which event number they are, which helps me make less mistakes.

Note: The Blue Flame event needs to be copied to every map that you wish the player to use it on and if it isn’t on every map it won’t error out, but you may need to do some minor work a rounds to keep a blue flame from appearing when the player gets to a map with a blue flame on it. An example of this will be shown further down.

If you would prefer to have a project to follow along with, download it here. I didn’t include KALE script or the Light Folder you have to add to the graphics folder, because I didn’t want to accidentally violate Khas’ terms of service (download it from the link above). Add them before running the playtest. I changed nothing important in the script or Light Folder.

So here is an explanation of the events so you can configure to your desires and maybe learn something.

Setting up the scripts


The Blue Flame Event


The Brazier Event


For Reference


The Puzzle


The Puzzle Door Event


The Transfer Event


Changes to the Brazier event


If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you notice anything that could be simplified I’m always willing to take suggestions.


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